threeport v0.5 released

Threeport v0.5 Released

By Richard Lander, CTO | April 19, 2024

Threeport version 0.5 has been released! It is available for download at GitHub and the Threeport docs have been updated to include guides for all the new features.


Support for Observability has been added. You can now add an observability stack to your Kubernetes runtime instances using Threeport. The observability stack includes Prometheus for metrics collection and alerting, Promtail for log forwarding, Loki for log storage and Grafana to access your metrics and logs.

Under the hood, we used the Helm workload controller and some community-supported Helm charts to deploy this stack. If you'd like to try out the new observability support in Threeport, follow the guide in the Threeport docs to deploy the observability stack on a local instance of Threeport.


You can now manage workload secrets with Threeport. Currently, we support AWS Secrets Manager as the back end storage vault for your secrets.

You can create secrets with the Threeport command line tool, tptctl. Those secrets can be used across one or more workloads. And you can configure your workloads to access those secrets in any workload config.

We use the External Secrets Operator to manage the exposure of secrets securely to your workloads.

Reach out in Discord and let us know what secrets vault you use (if not AWS Secrets Manager) and we'll look into adding support for your preferred provider or tool.


We've added support for Terraform. If you manage AWS infrastructure with Terraform, this feature is to help get you up and running using Threeport. There are plenty of challenges using Terraform to manage dependencies for the software you deploy, but Threeport can help get those challenges under control. The first step is being able to accommodate the configs you use today.

In our docs, we have a guide for deploying an RDS instance using Threeport and some Terraform configs. If you're interested in using Terraform with Threeport, check out this guide and see how it works.


If you've tried out Threeport and are interested in using it in your organization, take a look at Qleet. We provide fully hosted Threeport control planes to help get you up and running quickly.