Intelligent Workload Delivery


The Platform To Replace Your Pipelines


Your software is increasingly complex and distributed


Provisioning, configuring and wiring runtime dependencies together is non-trivial for a single-environment. At scale, it's a huge bottleneck and liability. Qleet puts delivering your software supply chain on autopilot. 


Greater surface area doesn't have to mean greater overhead


Multiple clouds, regions and services should create opportunities for your company and customers.  For most, it creates more problems. Qleet is extensible and can actively manage your entire software surface area, regardless of scale and complexity. 

More than a platform for less than a platform

Platforms deliver the underlying infrastructure, middleware and orchestration required to run a service. They're loved but often lead to technical graduation problems. Some companies are building their own in response. Qleet gives you your own custom platform without building everything yourself.

Infinitely Extensible. Globally Scalable.


Simplify Configuration

Qleet lets you define your workload with all of it's dependencies (comparable to Docker Compose). Say goodbye to multiple DSL's, scripts and addressing overlapping concerns manually. 


Bootstrap Runtime

Input your configuration to our control plane and Qleet automates the provisioning of infra, configuration of environments and the continuous delivery of your application.


Automate Day 2

Qleet maintains your desired state on an ongoing basis, taking corrective actions when conditions change. We provide intelligent guardrails to prevent mistakes, making updates and change easy.


Scale from HELLO WORLD to IPO

Getting started is just as easy as getting started on your favorite application platform. Our architecture and SDK give you all the capabilities you need to run anywhere at any scale. 

The Platform That Scales From HELLO WORLD to IPO

Most organizations do not have the ability to deliver their software in a secure, repeatable and autonomous way. This is an existential problem. Delivery pipelines of disparate tools and scripts are increasingly liabilities that hold teams back. 

We're on a mission to change this while relieving teams of the need to spend time and money on delivery. We provide abstractions, tools for creating your own and offer escape hatches at each layer. 

Whether you're just getting started, graduating off of existing capabilities or exploring building a custom platform, Qleet is for you. We'll meet you where you and help you go further, faster and for less.