Compose Your Own Enterprise Grade Application Platform



Qleet is an engine that makes creating internal application platforms easier than doing continuous delivery


Platform Comfort. Infrastructure Extensibility


Developers love application platforms. They reduce burdensome toil and don’t require the sprawl of tools and scripts of continuous delivery pipelines… But the tradeoffs are extreme. They limit use cases and options, and they aren’t extensible. With Qleet, you can have the best of both worlds.


For Any & All Of Your Applications


With Qleet, the workload is the primitive object and everything else is a dependency. After you’ve built your containers, just declare what your app needs: infrastructure, orchestration, support services, managed services and anything else, and we’ll take care of plumbing it all together.


Automating Day 0, 1 & 2 Operations


Qleet will maintain your app's desired state, reconciling issues on your behalf.  It will scale up and down resources, migrate workloads, optimize performance and spend, and make upgrading & downgrading versions seamless. Let your people focus on adding value, not operational tasks.

Any Environment. Any Dependency.
Without Tools. Without Toil.


Ephemeral Environments On Demand

Qleet brings “production-like” environments down to local or development and makes the transition back to production super smooth. The opportunity cost to spin up a new environment or properly test something is near-zero.


For Your Most Ambitious Ideas and Complex Dependencies

Dependencies like Kubernetes don’t need to be scary or require unicorn expertise. Select it like you would any other dependency and Qleet does the rest.



In Your Cloud
On Your Runtime

We're here to simplify how you deliver your applications runtime dependencies into your cloud. Everything runs in your cloud and you maintain control of the runtime and your costs.


For Some, Or All,
Of Your Deployment Needs

Qleet users regularly get started in non-production use-cases like testing and staging environments, but quickly expand into production.  Specify what's different about each, or test the same dependencies everywhere - it's your call.

Deliver It Through Qleet

Qleet makes delivering and maintaining your app easier than ever.  Whether you're pushing it for the first time in Day 1, or managing ongoing operations for never-ending Day 2, Qleet Co-Pilots have your back.

Qleet is enterprise-grade, supports any programming language and any dependency accessible via API. 

We're here to take the drudgery out of DevOps—but you be the judge: Check it out yourself!