Our Benefits


Our App is the Fastest Way to Deploy Your App


A Proven Formula, Managing Massive Global Deployments


Define Your App's End Goal—Qleet Automates the Rest


Win Back Your Time to Focus on Real Innovation, not Maintenance

Qleet Automation

Qleet lets Developers and DevOps teams make the same dependency choices—for the same level of control—but eliminates the need to to plumb infinite variables through custom-built scripts.


Do More Than Manage

Define what your app needs as broadly or coarsely as you like - Qleet follows your explicit directions to a "T", and chooses rational defaults when you don't want to get into the nitty-gritty.


Built for Every Team

Single Dev?  Qleet shoulders the entire DevOps burden.  Team of Platform Experts?  Define once, and get on to bigger projects.  Qleet is built to meet you where you live.


Custom Config, Automatically

Spend your time defining the right policies for your app, and your business—not writing one-off custom code to execute each of those policies.


The Right Components 

Based on your apps needs, Qleet configures the right downstream dependencies to ensure your goals are met.  Uptime?  Performance?  Cost Optimization?  Custom needs across regions based on customer size?  Qleet does what's right - every time.


More Than Deployment

Qleet was built by the teams that manage some of the largest Cloud-native app platforms on the planet.  We know that Day 2 Operations matter at least as much as Day 1 deployment - and we built Qleet to handle both.